About us


First of all, let’s clear the air by differentiating our program from a Pyramid Scheme?


Is This a Pyramid?

Participants choose to exercise our individual rights to giving and receiving acknowledging principles which govern the laws of abundance. One of these principles is found in Luke 6:38 (New Living Translation) which states; “If you give, you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use in giving—large or small—it will be used to measure what is given back to you”.

A Pyramid Scheme suggests that the person at the top of an organization is going to receive all the rewards or that a person’s intention is to steal your hard earned money. Giving is from the heart with no expectation of receiving anything back from the giver. With our program you will receive Bitcoin gifts from those whom you invite and total strangers but you will never receive from the people you give to.

In our members’ area we show you how to get strangers and your friends to give you Bitcoin gift. With our program, everyone wins. Everybody receive Bitcoin and our system also makes it easy for you to leverage with effort of others.

THERE IS NO TOP each person establishes his or her on top of the heap. And every person has the exact same potential to receive within their genealogy.

Evidence of this proven principle has been found over the centuries on ancient Egyptian scrolls, in medieval European history and even early American Capitalism. Leaders over the centuries have used the system to revitalize a lagging or weak economy within their own communities.

Our Philosophy

Living the Law of Abundance” through sharing, caring and gifting.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that by giving freely of ourselves and our property, we open the flow of abundance into our lives.
  • We believe the Earth is Abundant, that there is more than enough of everything to satisfy everyone, that none should ever want.
  • We believe that our intent affects our reward; that if we intend to give we will receive, but if we intend only to receive and give for that purpose we will be left wanting.
  • We believe in the power of mankind to affect our own destiny, and that forces exist that are trying to prevent us from learning how.
  • We believe in a power greater than ourselves. What that power is, what it is called and how it is manifest is a personal belief and will never be a mandated requirement of membership by this belief system.
  • We believe that every faith, religion or belief system has wisdom to contribute to everyone and should be encouraged to do so.
  • We believe that by sharing these beliefs, we can change the world for the better and create a world that works for all of us.
  • We belief our Philosophy.

Imagine how many people’s lifestyle you would change by simply sharing this program with them using your inviter’s link that you will get after you have activated your account.

Is Bitcoin Gifting legal?

Yes it is. Just like Cash gifting.

Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Crypto Wealth Alliance is first of its kind online and here’s what you need to know. In doing your research on Bitcoin Gifting, you will undoubtedly come across websites, articles and blogs that will claim, and quite convincingly so, that Bitcoin gifting is either a pyramid scheme, a MLM scheme, a get rich quick scheme or all of the above and without a doubt, all of the above are indeed ILLEGAL and cause people to lose a lot of money. In my option, most of the authors of such material simply have the readers’ best interest at heart, and have themselves either loss money as a result of participating in one of these schemes or have seen friends and/or family members who have been ripped off. NONE OF THAT MAKES BITCOIN or BITCOIN GIFTING ILLEGAL! As a matter of fact, we are the FIRST BITCOIN GIFTING Program ONLINE as far as we know.

With that said, there have been forms of Bitcoin gifting that were considered illegal pyramid schemes by the SEC and the IRS because of the way the programs were structured and the fact that the people who created the programs were the ones who collected most of the Bitcoin. These programs, along with the many other investment schemes out there, were operated in many instances like companies and solicited individuals to send them money in order to join.

Those people would in turn have to recruit other people to join in order to make money and pay the commission or referral fee to the person that recruited them. All the while, the person or persons at the top of the pyramid continue to receive commissions from everyone below them. All the money basically flows upward. This is CLEARLY an ILLEGAL activity, designed to make the people on top very wealth while defrauding the people on the bottom with the promise of high-end returns and continuous Bitcoin flow.

There are other aspects that would render a Bitcoin gifting program illegal, such as a program that promotes itself as an INVESTMENT or a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Investments fall under the Securities Act, which requires strict compliance to certain rules and guidelines. Gifting of money does not fall under this definition and cannot be legally termed as an investment. Also, under state laws, a business opportunity is a contractual obligation between a BUYER and SELLER.

A two-way exchange of goods and/or services. Bitcoin gifting is “not” a two- way deal! Bitcoin gifting only flows in one direction, from a GIVER to a RECEIVER. The person that gives a Bitcoin gift will receive absolutely nothing from the person receiving the gift. There is no exchange. Nothing from the RECEIVING end flows back to the GIVING end. Therefore, Bitcoin gifting cannot legally be called an INVESTMENT of a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

Most Bitcoin gifting programs adhere to strict guideline concerning the language involved with this activity. A Gifter should avoid the use of terms like “EARN” or “MAKE” when referring to RECEIVING money or Bitcoin. A participant in a Bitcoin gifting program does not make or earn money. They receive a gift with no strings attached.

What makes Bitcoin Gifting legal, as it is practiced today is one thing, THE IRS TAX CODE! The tax code itself legalizes Cash gifting and is there for a reason. By definition, “Cash Gifting” (in this case – Bitcoin Gifting) is the act of privately or publicly giving another person or an entity a declared sum of money and to give it freely without coercion or consideration.

Bitcoin Gifting is not a loan or a payment for goods or services. IT IS A PRIVATE ACT OF CHARITY. The amount that is given or received can vary, but to be tax exempt it cannot exceed $12,000 (per IRS Tax Code Title 29 and Publication 950, effective January 1, 2006, to any one person within 1 calendar year. The section of the tax code which covers gifting is HERE.

If you intend to get started with our program today then you might want to study the above paragraph, learn it, and memorize it! A properly structured Cash Gifting program (in this case Bitcoin Gifting) is based on the constitutional right of all individuals being able to gift property, assets and/or Bitcoin to anyone they wish as long as it is done in a way that follows IRS tax code guide lines. The IRS tax code protects both the giver and receiver equally. Most people who Cash gift do not report these gifts and have no legal obligation to do so. However, if getting in trouble with the IRS is what concerns you most, JUST REPORT THE GIFTS! It doesn’t mean you can’t participate in Bitcoin gifting. Get with the program!