How It Works


Our progressive Bitcoin-flow structure is a financial break-through that helps generate Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Wallet FAST. The entry level is affordable to almost everyone. This is the least expensive program on the market and you can upgrade as you receive more Bitcoin gifts.

You don’t need any of those internet marketing techie stuff to receive Bitcoin with this program.

  • No Selling
  • No HYPE
  • No Chasing Friends and Family
  • No Explaining
  • No MLM
  • NO SEO
  • No Video Marketing
  • No Cold-Calling
  • NO PPC
  • No PPV
  • No Blogging
  • No Hotel Meeting
  • All you do is you is count your BITCOIN daily!

If you are looking for a way to improve your financial situation and turn your life around, then you have come to the right place! The ‘System’ is described as incredibly simple and revolutionary.

Crypto Wealth Alliance (CWA) is unlike any other gifting program available. The high price entry fees disqualify many people from joining your team as a partner.

CWA knows our partners will receive minimum of 0.24 BTC from your personal referral depending on level of your membership. There are NO hidden fees in our program. Members send Bitcoin directly to each other’s Wallet!

Here’s how this unique system works


Crypto Wealth Alliance (CWA) is the first, residual, hybrid gifting program of its kind Online. With the unique leverage of the CWA “Lifetime Residual” Bitcoin Flow Structure you can have multiple gifts rolling in from various sources and avenues into your Wallet. Such as:

1. Your Personal CWA Enrollments

Depending upon your initial CWA entry level, and for each and every new member you enroll into the program, you’ll receive Bitcoin gifts from 0.24 BTC from Silver Level to as high as 3.2 BTC from Diamond Level IMMEDIATELY. You get 80 percent of their entry gift level directly.

2. Residual Bitcoin Gifts

Each member you personally enroll into the CWA program will also have ALL their personal enrollments send you “RESIDUAL” Bitcoin Gifts depending on the Level. You get 20% from their Enrollees.

With A Silver Level Gift, 0.24 BTC Gets Sent To The Inviter’s Wallet and 0.06 BTC Gets Sent To His/Her Inviter. (The direct Inviter gets 80% while his/her Inviter gets 20%)

For example, if you joined at Silver Gift Level which is 0.3 BTC and you referred John and John referred Joy to this program, John would gift you 0.24 BTC and Joy would gift you 0.06 BTC

What if you referred 2 (John and Mary) as shown below; and John referred 2 (Joy and Abdul) and Mary referred 2 (Roy and Greg). You would be gifted 0.24 BTC x 2 from your first level and 0.06 BTC x 4 from your 2 nd level … that sums up to 1.08 BTC and your entry level is just 0.3 BTC

3. Continuous Pass-Up Residual Bitcoin Gifts

Whenever any of your in-direct referrals invites new members into CWA, and they decide to join at a higher level than your current membership level, the difference above and beyond your member’s level will roll up to you or the next qualified person.

4. Upgrade Level Bitcoin Gifts From Your Personal Enrollments and From Your Member’s Personal Enrollments.

When your direct enrollments choose to upgrade to a higher level, you and your inviter will receive residual Bitcoin gifts in various amounts depending on what level you are and the level they are upgrading to.

This is THE FIRST Legal Bitcoin Gifting Program in the history of Internet. There are entire teams and leaders in the gifting community that are positioning themselves within the CWA Program. The response from the internet Bitcoin gifting community has been tremendous!