Why Bitcoin

We are in an era of new and exciting world of Bitcoin! We are living through the biggest change the financial system has seen over the past 100+ years… And it’s opened up an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs, traders, investors and Givers.

You see, Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies are taking the power away from banks and corrupt politicians, and giving people like you and I control over our money again.

In other words, Bitcoin allows you to become your OWN bank!

You don’t need to pay fees and ask for permission to move your money, accept payments for your business, or store your wealth. You don't need anyone's permission to gift anyone Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one of those topics that evoke great emotion and debate. So it is no surprise that even the richest and most famous people in the world have shared their thoughts and opinions on Bitcoin.

No banks, no fees and no inflation. Below is what some of Famous people say about Bitcoin.